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Prof. Nicholas Glozier


  • Professor of Psychological MedicineCentral Clinical School, Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Sydney
  • Consultant Psychiatrist. Sydney South West Area Health Service
  • Medical Assessor – NSW Personal Injury Commission

Experience and Qualifications
Prof. Glozier is a Professor in the Disciplines of Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine at the University of Sydney where he directs the psychiatric training for medical students at the Central Clinical School (RPA Hospital).  Prof. Glozier is a practicing Consultant Psychiatrist and was the first Consultant Occupational Psychiatrist practicing within the NHS in the United Kingdom. In addition, Prof. Glozier has advanced clinical qualifications in liaison psychiatry, which is the interface of psychiatric and physical disorders as well as medically unexplained syndromes. Prof. Glozier has a PhD in this area.  Prof. Glozier has conducted research, published widely in leading journals and been awarded grants in the areas of mental health disability, particularly work related, discrimination and stigma. Currently Prof. Glozier is a Chief Investigator on over $4.5 million of NHMRC and ARC research grants investigating links between mental illness and stroke, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and cardiovascular disease and is evaluating novel treatments in these areas of comorbidity. Prof. Glozier is also an investigator in a large NHMRC funded $11 million program into the transitions of youth mental distress into more stable adult forms of the disease.

Previously Prof. Glozier worked for the World Health Organisation and is an author of the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health.

Prof. Glozier has worked for a number of years in the medicolegal setting, particularly in the areas of work related disability associated with mental ill health.  Prof. Glozier has represented both appellants and respondents in approximately a 50:50 ratio. Prof. Glozier is an Approved Medical Specialist for NSW WorkCover Commission and a member of the Medical Appeal Panel.

  • BA (Hons) Physiology 1989 Magdalen College, Oxford University
  • MB, BS 1992 Imperial College, London University
  • MA 1995 Magdalen College, Oxford University
  • MSc Psychiatric Research. 1997 Institute of Psychiatry, London University:
  • MRCPsych 1997 Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • MSc Health Policy 2001 London School of Economics and London
  • Planning & Financing   School of  Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • PhD 2005     London University
  • FRANZCP  2008  Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

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